About | Hitec LED.


Hitec LED is committed to providing you with some of the best quality electronic LED message boards and LED products available today along with dependable customer service and technical support. 

Our products are directly manufactured by our own manufacturing facility located in South Korea. As a result, Hitec LED offers quality controlled products with superior performance at an affordable price to our customers first-hand. 

Using Hitec LED technology for lighted visual signs and lights is economical and practical for a variety of reasons. Not only is less energy consumed, thus dramatically lowering the cost of energy, but the light emitted is much brighter than the standard lighting that has been used in the past such as neon or fluorescent sources. 

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Buying LED lighting can be confusing. Especially when trying to buy something as easy as a light bulb becomes your next vocabulary test. We work to be the lighting professionals to help you find the best solutions that are right for you. and your business.


LED lighting needs to be simple, modern, & affordable. That is why we have carefully structured our product line in the easiest way possible.

1) Decorative Module Strips
2) Efficient Tube Lights
3) Captivating Panel Lamps
4) Versatile LED Sign Boards


One of the greatest benefits of LED lighting are the enormous energy savings, up to 80% more cost-efficient & cost-effective. We don't see our LED's as just lights, but rather, brilliant results for business solutions & captivating designs of architectural lighting.

Our Vision

Our mission is to serve the local communities around us with high quality solutions at competitive prices.

We are committed to showing our customers the value and benefits from switching over to LED lighting.  

If the only thing stopping you is the higher price tag, we assure you that your investment is not just better for the environment, or more cost effective on your utilities, you are investing in a partner with your business for a lifetime.

Incandescent light bulbs lit the 20th century; the 21st century will be lit by LED lamps.
— The Nobel Committee while awarding Akasaki, Amano, & Nakamura ceremonial honors

Work | Some of the businesses our innovations have helped to deliver results.



Project: Installed a brand new, double-sided LED sign board


Tasks:  Deliver a solution to improve sales, increase awareness, & promote services


Result:  The Days Inn manager reported back after the first night of installation to already see new customers patronizing his business.



Project: Consultation on designs to aesthetically improve the business with decorative module strips.


Tasks: Deliver an affordable, yet, effective solution to attract more customers at a reasonable cost.


Result: The owners of the business started seeing a steady increase in new customers everyday at noon, resulting in new peaks during dinner time for the business.


Project: Creatively improved the look and feel for our very own kitchen area while making the commitment & change to LED lighting ourselves.

Tasks:  Assessed best lighting angles to create the perfect lighting environment for accentuate the dining area.

Results: A very happy mother and a very proud father. The lights breathed new life back into the house and the electricity bills couldn't be lower.

Inspiration | How we do it. 




We are a solutions-obsessed, quality-driven team of business developers and marketing enthusiasts, dedicated to creating efficient lighting solutions to real-world business problems.

Our work is built around carefully understanding, listening, & asking questions to innovate the right designs that meet our customer's needs.

We believe that good lighting is good for business, and a well-designed architectural illumination system has a major impact on the way customers perceive, and respond to, the brands they interact with daily.

We are here to help businesses express themselves with creative, cost-effective solutions that light up consumer's eyes.